Executive Summary

There are a significantly small number of leaders in the business world

who have the ability to build relationships, trust and rapport, with nearly anyone and then foster the relationships into lasting partnerships and motivating people to “get the job done.”   Barry Bennett is a results oriented leader with a global perspective and a strong track record of performance within Municipal, Corporate, and Not-For-Profit Sectors. Barry utilizes keen analysis, insight and a team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. 

Barry is no stranger to the Non-Profit or Public Sector Arena.

 He has spent over 15 years in various Senior-Level financial management positions. In these capacities, Mr. Bennett has focused on fee-for-service performance based organizations, grants management, budgeting and fiscal management. Mr. Bennett currently holds both a Master of Business in Nonprofit Management from Walden University and a Master of Public Affairs from Park University in Public Sector Management. He is a seasoned Chief Financial Officer with the innate ability to articulate complex financial information and provide solutions in layman’s terms effortlessly while also possessing an understanding of the interrelationship between programmatic performance and fiscal sustainability within a fee-for-service environment. 

Barry has attended prestigious programs to enhance his professional experience.

  • Harvard Business School: Performance Management for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Kellogg School for Non-Profit Management: Selling Impact (Northwestern University)
  • Kellogg School for Non-Profit Management: Winning  Strategies (Northwestern University)
  • Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs: Performance Stat: Strategic Tools To Optimize Public Sector Performance 
  • Internal Revenue Service Training for Exempt Small and Mid-Size 501( C) (3) organizations
  • Baldwin Wallace College :  Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Barry is actively pursuing a Ph. D in Organizational Leadership at North Central University.

In his latest role, as Managing Director of Guru One Management Advisory Services, LLC., Mr. Bennett provides business solutions for the following services:

  • Fiscal sustainability
  • Grants Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Process Development
  • Performance Management